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The Primula team needed to understand the consumer preference for a range of new product design options and the effectiveness of key brand communication messages. The research included a number of different designs and brand messages, and as this was a significant change it was important to understand the response relative to the current design.


The research was undertaken using an online survey of 300 target consumers,150 Primula buyers and 150 other cheese spread consumers. In the survey consumers were shown a series of different design options and messages and asked to indicate their effectiveness on a number of measures, and to indicate their overall preferences.


This research highlighted the favoured design elements and some important areas for design changes which helped the Primula team towards their final new design. This new design was researched again using a similar methodology to check that the final design was well received by the target consumer, ensuring a successful product packaging redesign.

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“We asked fmcg insights to help us with a brand redesign project and to measure and interpret consumer response to a number of alternative designs. Using their online panel, fmcg were able to complete a comprehensive survey with a representative sample of target consumers which enabled us to understand which design elements delivered the most positive response against our key brand measures so we could evolve the design accordingly. Once refined and finalised, we tested the design again to provide data for our internal approval process and to support customer presentations. Throughout the process fmcg were professional, efficient and cost effective in their approach and utilising John’s food industry experience, delivered insights from the research findings that we were able to action. The whole research process has been invaluable in capturing and interpreting the views of consumers to ensure we have a strong foundation for future growth”

Craig Brooks, Marketing Director, Kavli Ltd