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Measuring Advertising Effectiveness


British Red Cross wanted to gauge awareness of their 'Life, Live It.' Campaign, which had been running in selected cinemas before screenings of Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 2

The aim of the campaign was to encourage young people aged between 11-16 years old to be more confident in dealing and intervening in situations where a friend is in a state of distress, such as passing out from too much alcohol.


We used an online methodology with a split sample comprising a test group of those who had been exposed to the advertising (present during the pre-reel of the Harry Potter 2 film at selected cinemas within a one week period) and a control group of those who had not been exposed. Thanks to our in-house kids and teen panels, with over 55,000 6-15s, we were able to interview the exposed sample online within 3 days of them having seen the movie.


The results emphasised the effectiveness of the advertising with the test group demonstrating significantly higher levels of awareness of the campaign and greater willingness to discuss the campaign and these issues with friends.

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