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Online surveys are a cost effective way to conduct research but people must be engaged in order for it to be effective. By creating bespoke, respondent-friendly surveys response rates are greatly increased. Films, games and pictures can be incorporated to stimulate interest and ensure quality data results.

Our experienced in-house survey designers are continuously developing new ways to engage your audience and thus help deliver high quality, actionable data.

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Custom Online Surveys

Online Survey example

Online Survey example

Survey Tools:

We understand how the respondent experience needs to be engaging, and so we invest a lot of time and resource in the creation of innovative survey tools to make our surveys more interactive, stimulating and enjoyable than most other surveys.

Engagement Meter

We've developed an ingenious piece of software that can test video and audio content online with a degree of accuracy that is virtually impossible to achieve with other tools.

Our bespoke engagement meter tool measures the ability of audio and visual footage to engage audiences in an objective way. It is a Flash tool developed for our online surveys that allows respondents to indicate their feelings about content whilst actually watching it.


Engagement Meter Tool


Engagement Meter Analyser

Virtual Shopping Shelf

At, we are great advocates of innovation. That’s why our team of survey developers are continuously developing new and interesting ways to glean robust, quality data and make your research more effective.

Virtual Shopping Shelf image

Take for example our virtual shopping shelf – it’s a great survey tool designed to test shopper motivation and behaviour at the virtual point of purchase. It allows us to measure different marketing variables; everything from price, shelf positioning and packaging to competitive influence, facings and advertising message.

Heat Maps

Hot spots or heat maps are a flexible system which examines the effectiveness of both adverts and editorial pieces within page-based media - from print to websites and posters.

It works by dividing pages or images into areas; respondents just click to indicate what they have seen/ read/like/dislike. Delivered online, it’s cost-effective, quick to set-up and achieves a fast response.

Heat Map example

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