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Product Testing

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Product Testing

At Panelbase our panellists are available for fast, flexible and cost-effective in-home use testing (iHUT). We work with a variety of research agencies and end clients conducting studies across a number of market sectors; everything from confectionery to personal care products.

Traditional face-to-face in-home product testing can prove expensive but we’re able to combine reliable recruitment of participants and delivery of products with an online survey to significantly reduce costs.

Why use Panelbase’s in-home product testing?

  • Highly engaged panel: 240k+ adults, 50k+ kids & teens, and 30k+ parents of kids
  • Targeted sample: Send relevant products to your target consumers including FMCG, food or sensitive medical items
  • Online feedback: Consumers respond with their views through online surveys
  • Incredibly cost-effective: Unlike face-to-face research, no interviewers are required & turnaround is fast
  • Optional telephone follow-up: Using our experienced qualitative interviewers
  • Dedicated project managers: Single point of contact throughout your project
  • In-house researchers: Available to assist with survey design
  • Experienced operations team: Can co-ordinate & manage physical mail-outs & returns


“I have been working with Panelbase for over a year now, primarily for our concept and product testing research and their client servicing is excellent. The team are very friendly and proactive, providing a fast response to various queries. Their panel management is clearly top class as we continuously receive high quality consumer data. I would highly recommend working with the Panelbase team”
Research Director, Conquest Market Research

Case study

We recently ran a project for a global health and beauty brand who wanted to test a new body wash, through targeted in-house product trials. We managed the entire process; from online recruitment, to the mailing of products and the design and delivery of 3 online questionnaires, distributed at different stages throughout the product trial. Our client was very happy with the project and our robust data will be used to inform future product development.

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