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Community Building


We can design and manage your own dedicated panel that can be adapted for daily, weekly and ad hoc surveys.

It’s a hassle-free, flexible, cost effective way of managing your research and it’s all carried out by our highly specialised and experienced in-house panel management team, so you can feel confident that we will consistently deliver.

Ad Tracking

Ad Tracking image

We understand the importance of ad tracking to our clients. We have a selection of in-house resources that can help track advertising across all platforms, in line with client’s budgets and to help ensure they are getting a positive return on investment. These include Online surveys, online focus groups, bulletin boards, guided browsers and pop-up surveys.

Eye Tracking

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Eye tracking records eye movements whilst respondents are looking at a TV Screen or webpage. You can judge how people manage to watch more than one piece of information or content at once or how people look at brands and logos on the screen.


Diary image

We've got years of experience in building diary-based studies using any combination of SMS, online and even GPS tracking.

Music/Trailer Testing

We've used the thinking behind our engagement meter to make music testing much more cost effective - respondents can listen to tracks when it suits them.

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Recruitment for Qualitative Research

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We also provide recruitment for qualitative projects including focus groups and depth interviews.

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