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ESOMAR 28 questions

Our answers to ESOMAR's '28 questions to help research buyers of online samples'

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What do we know about them?

We can tell you almost anything you need to know about our members - there are more than 800 fields which go into incredible detail. Where they live, work, shop, relax; how they eat, sleep, travel and think. Take a look here, then tell us what you think.

Here are some examples of the depth of profiling we can offer:

  • 706 people who regularly go to the cinema, rent and buy films, have their own blog and drink cocktails
  • 428 retired people who play the national lottery every week, own an HDTV drink wine and own dogs
  • 313 married people who regularly go out for coffee, rent films, shop at Aldi and enjoy reading
  • 1911 males who go camping, go out for meals once a week and get massages